Simon likens Paula Abdul to a pet dog

Paula Abdul has proved she is a man’s best friend, after Simon Cowell compared their relationship to that of a pooch and master.

The two friends – who previously appeared together on American Idol – will be reunited on the judging panel of the US X Factor, where they will be seated side by side.

“It’s like owning a dog and the dog will only sit next to its master – it’s comfortable. If she’s away from me, she pines. She’s unhappy. She has to sit next to me,” he joked to

Simon also described the 49-year-old former singer as ‘loopy’.

“I like loopy. I can be a bit loopy at times, and I can hang out with her socially because she gets on with my friends,” he continued.

“We have a similar sense of humour and I tell her there are no rules on this show, so don’t worry about how you want to behave.”

Aside from their close bond, the British TV mogul revealed he sought out Paula because of her professionalism.

“She has got an opportunity to prove she does really know what she’s talking about. She’s good at spotting stars.”