Simon Pegg: ‘I want to do more serious work’

Simon Pegg has revealed that he would love to get his teeth into more dramatic roles.

The Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol star is best known for his work in comedy hits like Spaced, Hot Fuzz and Shaun Of The Dead, but admitted he wouldn’t mind doing more serious parts.

“I’d love to do some serious work. It depends on if the audience would let me. Sometimes they don’t like comedy people doing serious stuff,” he said.

Simon admires the work of his Hot Fuzz co-star Paddy Considine, who recently directed the award-winning drama Tyrannosaur.

“Tyrannosaur is an amazing film that I saw this year, Paddy Considine’s movie. Paddy, who is a very adept comic actor as well as being an extremely clever serious actor, pulled off an incredible feat with that movie,” continued the 41-year-old actor.

“It’s a really tough, fulfilling film to watch and to get a chance to do something like that… But you know, the audience have to have a say really. ”

Simon always knew he wanted to entertain from a young age.

“I was pretty young and kind of got a kick out of it. My mum was big on amateur dramatics, so I would be always hanging around down the theatre and being in plays and I had an aptitude for it,” he recalled.

“Suddenly when I was about 15, I thought maybe I should try to follow this as a career, so I did. I was lucky, I had no plan B.”