Simon Pegg to play Scotty in new Star Trek movie?

British actor Simon Pegg is rumoured to be playing the young Scotty in the new Star Trek film.

The movie, the 11th in the series, is reported to be a prequel which will tell the story of the early days of Captain James T Kirk and his Starship Enterprise crew.

Shaun Of The Dead star Simon is apparently going to take the role of chief engineer Montgomery ‘Scotty’ Scott, played in the original TV series by James Doohan.

The film is being directed by Lost creator JJ Abrams. He cast Simon, 37, after working with him on Mission: Impossible III.

Shooting begins in November and it’s set for release on Christmas Day, 2008.

Australian star Eric Bana will play the baddie, Nero, and original Spock Leonard Nimoy has a cameo role.

US actor Chris Pine is apparently in talks to play the young Captain Kirk.

The film will show the crew first meeting at the Starfleet Academy and embarking on their first mission.

Atonement star James McAvoy was originally linked to the role of Scotty and it should be pointed out that no casting decisions have been confirmed.

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