Simon simply can’t say anything nice

Simon Cowell refused to play favourites when asked if he preferred his American Idol judges over Louis and Sharon, but he upset his Idol co-stars anyway.

He was appearing at a special Q & A session for telly fans, held at the Directors Guild of America in Hollywood. In front of his fellow Idol judges, Simon would only say: “We have our good days, we have a lot of bad days,” adding cockily: “I think they are in awe of me here…”

Naturally that didn’t go down too well with fellow judge Randy Jackson, who sarcastically replied: “Oh yeah?”

A shocked Paula Abdul added: “Is that what you think?”

But Randy had more important matters on his mind, and was keen to talk about X Factor’s latest winner Leona Lewis. “I like her, I like her,” he said, before saying within earshot of TV’s Mr Nasty: “I think Simon’s gonna let me sign her…”

It certainly looks as if Leona could be a success in the States, particularly if Randy’s praise is anything to go by.

American Idol’s host Ryan Seacrest asked him: “Do you think she’ll really make it here?”

Randy answered: “I think she’s got a really good shot to make it everywhere.”