Sinbad star Elliott Knight has said that he is not worried about being plucked from obscurity to land himself the title role in the new fantasy series.

The 21-year-old was in his final year of drama school in Manchester when he landed the lead – but admitted that he took the huge production in his stride.

“Worrying doesn’t achieve anything. You just crack on with the job,” he said – but admitted it had been odd seeing photos of himself on promotional materials for the show – wearing nothing but make-up and a pair of pantaloons.

“It’s a very strange situation where you have pictures of yourself topless posted everywhere and people are thrusting them in your face all the time,” he admitted.

However Elliott added that when he met co-star Sophie Okonedo, he did manage to humiliate himself.

“I don’t tend to get star-struck but I knew the scenes I was doing with Sophie are quite intense and she’s gorgeous as well,” he said.

“I wasn’t ready and sort of freaked. She was really cool and said, ‘Nice to meet you’ and put her hand out.

“For some reason I grabbed it, got down on one knee and kissed her hand. It was terrible and then I just stood there like a fool for five minutes.”