The Apprentice mentor Sir Alan Sugar appears to agree with his latest sacking, Adam Hosker, that Katie Hopkins is a scary, ruthless pain.

Adam Hosker launched a stinging attack on Apprentice rival Katie Hopkins after he was fired by Sir Alan. He said: “Katie is a complete and utter snob. She was offended at my northernness and my working class background.

“She didn’t think I had any right to be there. She sees me and Kristina (Grimes) as a threat. Kristina because she’s Irish and me because I’m northern.

“Katie thinks Sir Alan is thick. She told me that in the car on the way back from a task. She doesn’t rate Sir Alan, she’s there to publicise herself.”

And Sir Alan commented in Wednesday’s Daily Mirror: “This week I saw a side of Katie I’ve never seen before when she exploded in the boardroom. She had the hump over Paul leaving and was livid about their affair being rumbled.

“Adam aggravated things, saying she wasn’t focusing and was pining for her beau. She tore into him. Now you know why I never really punished Paul for carrying on in the house. Getting involved with Katie was painful enough!”

“Wow – she is a real killer,” said Sir Alan.

Adam, 28, was booted out of The Apprentice on his record fourth consecutive appearance in the boardroom after his team failed their latest task.