Smug Apprentice candidate Katie Hopkins is left shame-faced in tonight’s episode after she’s branded ‘a loser’ by Sir Alan Sugar.

Global brand consultant Katie is taken down a peg or two after her disastrous performance in the latest challenge to create and pitch an advertising campaign for a pair of trainers.

After pointing out that Katie has now been on the losing team six times, Sir Alan says: “I had greater expectations of you. Are you just a loser?

“If this was football and you’d lost six times out of eight, I’d be saying ‘You are a bloody loser’.”

Katie also turns on Kristina when she discovers her rival has spread rumours about her.

She says: “Kristina’s a hard little wench with a forked tongue.”

On last week’s Apprentice, Katie was left speechless when the boardroom discussions turned to her fling with Paul Callaghan.

While Katie comes a cropper, reports suggest that one unlikely candidate pulls out all the stops to ensure they get noticed by Sir Alan by revealing some hidden talents, namely one-armed handstands.

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