Sir Alan Sugar admits error in crash landing

He’s used to making all the big decisions, but Sir Alan Sugar has admitted a wrong call when he crash-landed his aeroplane.

The Apprentice boss told officials he probably should have aborted his first attempt at landing during a thunderstorm in Manchester in July.

But Sir Alan, 61, dismissed reports that he ‘cheated death’, walking away unharmed after the aircraft overshot the 750-yard grass runway and hit a rut in the ground at City Airport Manchester.

The bumpy landing pranged his four-seater Cirrus plane, damaging the front wheel and the propeller.

A report by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch into the crash on July 5, stated: “As the aircraft turned onto the final approach, the visibility deteriorated, and the wind shifted, becoming a slight tail wind.

“The pilot lost sight of the far end of the runway in the poor visibility, and touched down in the middle third of runway.”

The report said of Sir Alan: “The pilot reported that, with the benefit of hindsight, he considers that a go-around would have been a safer course of action.”