Sir Alan Sugar: ‘Business? Who cares!’

Multi-millionaire business tycoon Sir Alan Sugar has dismissed his wealth – claiming there’s more to worry about in life than money.

And Sir Alan, 61, who kicks off the search for a new apprentice on Wednesday night, told The Mirror that if he lost all his money tomorrow he would just ‘go and make some more’.

He said: “It’s only money. What you have to worry about in life is that your loved ones and the people close to you are healthy and well.

“The biggest disasters in life are the people that die, and the murders and the killings and the atrocities in the world. That is bad and that is worrying. But business? Who gives a s***, who cares?

“He added: ‘It’s just money. It is not my God.”

However, Sir Alan hopes that young people will learn something from The Apprentice.

He said: “I think it does some good for the younger viewers. It’s good to make them aware of enterprise and wanting to be self-sufficient. Younger people can glean something from it.”

The Apprentice returns for a fourth series on Wednesday March 26 at 9pm on BBC1.

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