Sir David attacks swearing and sexual images on TV

TV star Sir David Jason has hit out at the amount of swearing, violence and sexual images that children are exposed to on the small screen.

The Only Fools and Horses icon said that he found it impossible to protect his 10-year-old daughter from some of the content, because it was so prolific.

He told the Christmas Radio Times that he was attracted to his new role in BBC1’s The Royal Bodyguard because it was ‘safe’ enough for family viewing.

Sir David, 71, said of his daughter Sophie: “I try to protect what she sees on television, but you can’t.

“Take the adverts – I was watching SpongeBob, a favourite cartoon of ours, but suddenly a scent advert came on with this girl stripping off as she walks towards the camera.

“It’s done for mums, but they forget a lot of girls are watching these powerful images.”

He added: “There wasn’t much on telly the other night so with Sophie and her friend we watched Laurel and Hardy, made in the 1930s, and these kids laughed like drains.

“That’s humour – doing what funny people have done since comedy began without being edgy and pushing boundaries.”

The veteran TV star added: “The trouble now is we have stand-up comedians who have forgotten about innuendo.”