An inward folding umbrella, a teddy that hugs you back, and a wallet with fingerprint security are among the greatest inventions never made, but their potential is about to be realised in Pick’s new eight-part series Make Me A Millionaire Inventor!

Engineer presenters Jem Stansfield (Bang Goes the Theory) and Dr Shini Somara (The Health Show) search through the UK patent archives for clever creations. Each episode sees Jem and Shini pick an idea they like. They then pay the inventors a surprise visit, offering them a fresh opportunity to build a prototype – and potentially turn their ingenious gadgets into money makers.

But can swimming fins for children, spectacles that reduce travel sickness or an origami boat really make their makers rich?

According to Jem Standfield: “When you get to know these inventors you can’t help getting swept along with their hopes, dreams and what they’re striving to achieve.

“It was nerve-wracking door-stepping them about a project they may have given up on years ago. But once they realised we really did want to help them almost everyone was keen.”

Jem, a keen inventor himself, added: “The ‘inside out umbrella’ was one of my favourite inventions. It came together with a moment of mechanical inspiration while we were filming and works beautifully well!”

Make Me a Millionaire Inventor starts on freeview channel Pick on April 13 at 7pm.