1. Iron Man
  2. Hero in a hard shell… Robert Downey Jr. packs a punch as Marvel’s most polished superhero.

  3. Shine A Light
  4. It’s only rock ‘n’ roll… Martin Scorsese directs this Rolling Stones concert documentary.

  5. Sex and the City: The Movie
  6. Girls just wanna have fun… Carrie and co. wear some fabulous shoes as they attempt to get to grips with marriage and motherhood. They also have nice handbags.

  7. The Happening
  8. Something wicked this way comes… An apocalyptic event threatens the whole of humanity. It may involve bees. Mark ‘Marky Mark’ Wahlberg is on the case.

  9. Journey to the Centre of the Earth
  10. A whole new world… A scientist, his teenage nephew and a mountain guide journey to the centre of the Earth – well, what did you expect?

  11. Wanted
  12. Firing line… A young man, with extraordinary abilities, joins a secret society of assassins and Angelina Jolie wears leather.

  13. The Incredible Hulk
  14. Green-eyed monster… Bruce Banner and his gamma radiated alter-ego bounce back to the big screen. You’ll like him when he’s angry.

  15. Adulthood
  16. Growing pains… The sequel to 2006’s Kidulthood returns to the harsh reality of life on some of London’s most impoverished streets.

  17. The Edge of Love
  18. Three’s not a crowd… Loosely based on real events, this period drama follows the intimate relationship between Welsh poet Dylan Thomas and two pouty women, played by pouty Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller.

  19. The Nightmare Before Christmas: Collector’s Edition
  20. Jingle hells… Tim Burton’s stop-motion animation follows the pumpkin king of Halloween, Jack Skellington, as he attempts to wrestle control of Christmas from Santa Claus.