1. Fool’s Gold
  2. All that glitters… Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey play an estranged couple who rekindle their relationship while searching for lost treasure. Proof that nothing spices up a marriage like some lost gems and a pile of gold.

  3. Nim’s Island
  4. Novel approach… A young girl from an isolated island seeks helps from the reclusive author of her favourite adventure books when her father goes missing. Also features a whale.

  5. Doomsday
  6. The end is nigh… Elite specialists attempt to retrieve a cure to a lethal virus. They’re helped on their way by a thumping soundtrack, a shiny car and Bob Hoskins.

  7. Never Back Down
  8. It’s a knockout… A rebellious teen is drawn into joining an underground fight club at his new school. He learns mixed martial arts from a wise mentor then kicks and punches people in the face.

  9. 27 Dresses
  10. Always the bridesmaid… A lovelorn serial bridesmaid reevaluates her life when her sister bags the man she fancies. It’s a romantic comedy, apparently.

  11. Awake
  12. Under the knife… Hayden Christensen plays a man who ‘wakes up’ during heart surgery only to discover his entire surgical team are trying to kill him. He probably regrets waking up.

  13. Son of Rambow
  14. Child’s play… Coming-of-age film in which two schoolboys set out to make their own sequel to Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo: Film Blood. Chances are they’ll do a better job than this year’s actual sequel, Rambo.

  15. In Bruges
  16. Firing line… A pair of Irish hit men lie low in Belgium after a bungled job in London. They try to adapt to local customs but fail and shoot stuff.

  17. Vantage Point
  18. Points of view… An attempted assassination is seen from a number of different perspectives – high, low, left, right, slanted, skewed, I could go on – in this jigsaw-like mystery thriller.

  19. Step Up 2: The Streets
  20. Body popping… A young woman pursues her dream of becoming a street dancer by wearing skimpy vests and dancing in the rain. She’ll catch her death!