Small Screen – this week’s top ten…

Compiled by Maddy Glenn

1. Non-Stop4-single_stars

Threats on a plane – Set on an airplane in flight, aptly named Non-Stop grabs the attention of action fans in a thrilling quest to catch an anonymous murdering blackmailer.


2. The Grand Budapest Hotel5_single_stars

The legend and the lobby boy – Unusually comic Ralph Fiennes stars as the concierge in a glorious hotel. Despite a cacophony of troubles backstage, including murder, art theft and charming rogues, the hotel is managed with flawless aplomb.

3. Under The Skin4-single_stars

Skin deep – An alien in the form of Scarlett Johanssen crawls the streets in search of men to feed on. Unnerving, yet compelling, this film explores the shallow nature of gender roles while simultaneously showing their depth.

4. Rise of the Planet of the Apes4-single_stars

A cautionary tail – James Franco plays a scientist in possesion of a possible cure for Alzheimer’s. Motion-captured Andy Serkis is his pet chimp, Caesar; a chimp with unusual abilities…

5. The Book Thief2-single_stars

Novel approach… Markus Zusak’s bestselling book, about a young girl who transforms the lives of those around her when she’s sent to live with a foster family in World War II Germany, is brought to life by Downton Abbey director Brian Percival.

6. Ride Along2-single_stars

On patrol… A fast-talking security guard (Kevin Hart) is partnered with a grizzled detective (Ice Cube) on a ‘ride along’ he’ll never forget in this mismatched buddy comedy.

7. The Hooligan Factory2-single_stars

Fool School – Ever pondered the definition of ‘hooligan’? Trust me, this film will give you every nitty gritty detail of the hooligan life. The Hooligan Factory tells Danny’s comic tale: a man who just wanted “to be someone; to be part of something”.

8. The Wolf of Wall Street4-single_stars

Money, Money, Money… Leonardo DiCaprio stars as Wall Street stock broker Jordan Belfort, living a life of money, madness and excess.

9. RoboCop3-single_stars

Part man, part machine… After being injured in the line of duty, good cop Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) is transformed into a crime-fighting cyborg.

10. Lone Survivor3-single_stars

Do or die… A four man team of Navy Seals is left heavily outnumbered, fighting for their lives in Afghanistan.

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