Small Screen – this week’s top ten DVDs…

  1. Made in Dagenham
  2. Trouble and strife… Based on the landmark 1968 sewing machinists’ strike at the Ford Dagenham assembly plant, this British dramatisation follows a group of determined women as they make a stand against sexual discrimination.

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  3. Unstoppable
  4. Off the rails… This action thriller follows two men (Denzel Washington and Chris Pine) as they set about stopping a runaway freight train. Think Speed – with a train.

  5. Skyline
  6. Lights alive… An alien force uses pretty lights to lure silly human folk to their destruction in this derivative sci-fi flick.

  7. Life As We Know It
  8. Baby love… Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel play a mismatched pair of singletons forced together to care for the children of their recently deceased mutual best friends. It’s a romcom, apparently.

  9. Tamara Drewe
  10. Village people… Gemma Arterton’s metropolitan beauty causes a stir when she returns to her childhood home in the country in Stephen Frear’s cosy screen version of Posy Simmond’s graphic novel.

  11. Despicable Me
  12. Melt in the middle… Steve Carell voices the character of Gru in this family animation about a supervillain whose encounter with three orphaned girls (eventually) melts his cold heart.

  13. Toy Story 3
  14. Child’s play… Woody and co. find they have a new home in the third instalment of the animated franchise – a local daycare centre, where the children run riot and a strawberry-scented bear isn’t all he seems.

  15. The Blind Side
  16. Back on track… This American drama features an Oscar-winning performance from Sandra Bullock as a woman who helps to nurture a homeless teenager to sporting glory.

  17. Sex and the City 2
  18. Couture clash… Carrie and her three well-heeled friends find that an all-expenses paid trip to Abu Dhabi isn’t quite all it’s cracked up to be in this spin-off comedy sequel.

  19. Up
  20. High flyers… A grumpy OAP and a lively eight-year-old boy become unlikely adventurers in this uplifting Disney Pixar animation.

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