Small Screen – this week’s top ten DVDs…

  1. Battleship
  2. Naval gazing… Hasbro’s classic naval combat game inspires this big-screen action fantasy, in which Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgard, Liam Neeson and Rude Boy singer Rihanna play Navy personnel battling an armada of alien invaders.


  3. The Lucky One
  4. Good fortune… Taylor Schilling is the object of Zac Efron’s affection in this romantic drama about a US marine searching for the woman he believes was his good luck charm during his tour of duty in Iraq.

  5. The Expendables
  6. Action packed… Sylvester Stallone gathers together an ensemble of big screen action heroes, including Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jet Li, for this beefy action thriller about a team of elite mercenaries tasked with overthrowing a Latin American dictator.

  7. Lockout
  8. Lost in space… Guy Pearce and Maggie Grace head the cast of this sci-fi thriller about a government agent tasked with rescuing the President’s daughter from a prison in space.

  9. Safe House
  10. Moving targets… This action thriller sees Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington as a rookie CIA agent and his charge, a fugitive, on the run when their safe house is attacked.

  11. Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol
  12. Secret service… Tom Cruise scales dizzying heights in the latest instalment of his action franchise, this time directed by The Incredibles helmer Brad Bird.

  13. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
  14. Brits abroad… A group of pensioners – played by an all-star line up of British acting talent that includes Maggie Smith, Judi Dench and Bill Nighy – embark on a new life in India in this uplifting comedy.

  15. War Horse
  16. Emotional hurdles… Steven Spielberg holds the reins of this war epic, based on the Michael Morpurgo novel of the same name, which charts the bond between a man and the horse he tamed and trained.

  17. Bridesmaids
  18. Wedding belles… Asked to be her best friend’s maid of honor, Annie attempts to lead her ragtag group of fellow bridesmaids through a series of pre-wedding rituals with disastrous – and hilarious – results.

  19. We Bought a Zoo
  20. Creature comforts… Matt Damon works with animals and Scarlett Johansson in this comedy-drama about a recently-widowed dad-of-two who throws himself into renovating and reopening a dilapidated zoo.

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