Small Screen – this week’s top ten DVDs…

  1. Skyline
  2. Lights alive… An alien force uses pretty lights to lure silly human folk to their destruction in this derivative sci-fi flick.


  3. Despicable Me
  4. Melt in the middle… Steve Carell voices the character of Gru in this family animation about a supervillain whose encounter with three orphaned girls (eventually) melts his cold heart.

  5. London Boulevard
  6. Criminal connection… Keira Knightley and Colin Farrell star in this London-set crime drama about a reclusive actress who is drawn to a recently released criminal.

  7. Jackass 3
  8. Cunning stunts… Johnny Knoxville and his band of merry men fill the screen with their elaborate pranks and hair-brained antics in the third movie outing of their MTV series spin-off.

  9. How to Train Your Dragon
  10. Creature comfort… This DreamWorks animation follows an awkward Viking teenager named Hiccup, who is forced to question his destiny as a dragon slayer after capturing and befriending a wounded winged beast.

  11. The Expendables
  12. Action packed… Sylvester Stallone gathers together an ensemble of big screen action heroes, including Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jet Li, for this beefy action thriller about a team of elite mercenaries tasked with overthrowing a Latin American dictator.

  13. The Blind Side
  14. Back on track… This American drama features an Oscar-winning performance from Sandra Bullock as a woman who helps to nurture a homeless teenager to sporting glory.

  15. Shrek Forever After
  16. Ogre and out… The final instalment of the hugely successful animated franchise sees Shrek tricked into an alternate reality where he must reclaim his true love, Fiona.

  17. Sex and the City 2
  18. Couture clash… Carrie and her three well-heeled friends find that an all-expenses paid trip to Abu Dhabi isn’t quite all it’s cracked up to be in this spin-off comedy sequel.

  19. Let Me In
  20. Fresh blood… Based on the 2008 Swedish film Let the Right One In and the novel of the same name by John Ajvide Lindqvist, this chilling adaptation (of an adaptation) tells the story of a bullied 12-year-old boy who befriends a vampire.

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