Smithy and the Sun Hill team search for a gunman when teenager Paul Sorrel is found dead. Alex Walkinshaw, who plays Smithy, tells us more about the tense two-parter, which concludes on March 18…

After a witness claims they spotted Devon with Paul shortly before the shooting, Smithy and Sergeant Jo Masters believe the crime may have been drug-related and decide to question Devon…
“Smithy thinks Devon is somehow involved with Paul’s death, but isn’t necessarily the one who pulled the trigger. Jo and Smithy are convinced Devon knows who shot Paul. But they end up releasing him due to lack of evidence.”

What happens when moody DS Max Carter criticises Jo over the way her team are handling the investigation?
“Max tells Jo, who has only recently switched from CID to uniform, that her team are useless. But Jo sets him straight and makes it clear that if it wasn’t for uniform, CID wouldn’t have any leads in the first place. It’s a real turning point for Jo. She’s with uniform now and is determined to protect her officers.”

How is morale at the station following the recent suspension of Sergeant Stone over an alleged assault on a member of public?
“Uniform aren’t happy with the way Stone has been treated. Smithy feels caught in the middle of all that. He has to deal with the ranks above him and the ranks below him. As a Sergeant he used to have the respect of uniform. But now they just see him as ‘management’. So it’s painful for Smithy, as that’s not how he sees himself.”