Snow, snow, snow, snow snooooow!

Like many people around London today, I am snowed in.

Back home in Sweden this usually means:
I can not open my door as the snow is blocking it. (In Sweden doors sensibly open outwards for health and safety reasons.) Can someone please dig me out?!

Snow in Sweden

Here in London it means:
The snow is barely ankle deep, but because nobody seems to have…
a) winter tyres
b) the ability to drive in slippery conditions (hence no one can operate a snow plough even if Boris Johnson bothered to actually buy a few)

…we must stop all bus traffic (and almost all tube traffic, just in case) while we try to get this white, wet stuff off the roads/tracks. Alternatively, just pray it melts really soon.

I made it out this morning and managed to make it back home this afternoon. Well, almost. I had to walk one tube stop. But it was a lovely walk and nobody about so I started singing my favourite snow song out loud:

Now, the only humane thing left to do is watch a stupid amount of movies and eat silly amounts of carbohydrates. Wearing fleecy pyjamas.

Life is good!