So which of these four will be crowned winner of The Voice?

The latest series of The Voice ends tomorrow with four contenders hoping to take the title and be given a shot at topping the charts.

The finalists have already recorded their own versions of the winning single, but viewers’ votes will decide whose is released after they are declared the winner.

Here are the final four on course to battle it out tomorrow.

Emmanuel Nwamadi

Which of these four will win The Voice?(BBC)


The 23-year-old is originally from Nigeria, but is currently studying music in London.

His coach on the show is Ricky Wilson and he counts Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain among his musical heroes.

He has got strong feelings about the music business, saying: “It is all about sex and that really annoys me.”


Lucy O’Byrne

Which of these four will win The Voice?(BBC)


The 23-year-old Dubliner was working as an usher at a London theatre when she entered the show.

She is on Team and says her musical influences are her father, opera singer Maria Callas and Beyonce.

She claims to be a lookalike for Oscar winner Julianne Moore, saying: “One time I looked at a picture of her and even I thought it was me.”


Sasha Simone

Which of these four will win The Voice?(BBC)


The 25-year-old from Birmingham is training to be a bricklayer and a plasterer.

Her family applied for her to go on The Voice and she found out only a week before her audition.

She is being coached by Sir Tom Jones, but says the proudest moment of her life was ‘building my first wall’.


Stevie McCrorie

Which of these four will win The Voice?


The bookie’s favourite is a 29-year-old fireman from Clackmannanshire in Scotland.

He only ended up on The Voice after his workmates entered him and now is being coached by Ricky Wilson.

Asked to describe his musical style, he said: “Passionate. Dedicated. Unusual.”


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