Soap fans can’t get enough of THIS scene from last night’s EastEnders

Last night's EastEnders has left fans full of praise for moving scenes between Mitch and his daughter, Bailey...

Last night’s EastEnders saw Mitch Baker face the heartbreaking task of telling nine-year-old Bailey that her mum was dying… and the moment between the father and daughter has left soap fans full of praise.

In the moving scenes Mitch braced himself to tell Bailey the devastating news that her mum, who she is currently caring for, doesn’t have long left.

But as he sat her down in the cafe, he was stunned when the perceptive school girl told him that she already knew her mum’s future didn’t look good.

EastEnders Mitch Baker and Bailey Baker

Mitch tried to talk to Bailey last night… but she is more switched on than he realises!

Despite only being nine year’s old, Bailey has been single-handedly looking after her terminally ill mum, Dinah, while missing out on her childhood.

As Mitch told her the news about her mum, Bailey confessed she had heard the nurse talking to her mum about what might happen after she died, blowing Mitch away with her grown-up attitude.

Social media was awash with praise for Bailey, played by young actress Kara-Leah Fernandes…

As fans heaped their praise on the scenes between Mitch and Bailey, they were also loving the dynamic that Karen Taylor added to the mix.

Always happy to help someone in need, Karen couldn’t turn down Mitch’s request that she helped look after Bailey once Dinah’s time had come… and fans were loving the fact that Bailey would have a mother figure in her life.

With Mitch struggling to be the dad that Bailey needs right now, fans were thrilled that Karen will be there to help pick up the pieces.

EastEnders Mitch Baker and Bailey Baker

Bailey is quickly becoming one of the stars of Walford…

By the end of the episode Mitch had even asked if he and Bailey could move in with the Taylors once the time came.

But Karen could only tells Mitch that she would think about it… mainly because the house is already filled to the rafters.

But whoever looks after Bailey once her mum has gone, one thing EastEnders fans are desperate for is for her to stay on their screens.

With her sass, positive attitude and caring nature, it’s clear that Bailey is destined to be one of Walford’s stand-out stars.

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Picture credits: BBC / Kieron McCarron and BBC / Jack Barnes