Soap fans thrilled after THIS happened in last night’s Coronation Street

Last night's Coronation Street has left fans excited for the future after David Platt made a life-changing decision...

Coronation Street fans were treated to two action-packed episodes last night, leaving everyone on the edge of their seats as the showdown between Shona Ramsey and her killer son, Clayton Hibbs, came to a gripping climax.

But while viewers were relieved that Shona eventually escaped Clayton’s grip, no one was as relieved as David Platt to see his girlfriend make it out of the hostage situation alive.

In fact, he was so relieved that history hadn’t repeated itself and Shona didn’t die, that he decided by the end of the second episode that he was going to ask Shona to marry him.

With Shona now home safe and sound and Clayton in hospital under police guard where he belongs, it seems there could be a happy ending for David this time, and fans couldn’t be happier…

While we will have to wait until tomorrow night’s Coronation Street to see if Shona says yes, David will be counting his blessings that there is even a chance of a future with her.

Last night’s first episode of the evening saw Shona being held hostage by her killer son, who escaped from the police while attending his dad’s funeral.

As Clayton kept threatening to kill Shona unless he got a car and money from the police, Shona kept telling herself that the man who had become a monster was still her little boy somehow.

But when Clayton revealed his dad died because of the the bags of drugs he was smuggling into jail for Clayton to sell burst inside him, the scales began to fall from Shona’s eyes.

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David thought for an awful moment that history was repeating itself last night…

When Clayton then showed no remorse about the fact he had killed his own dad in a round about way, Shona then realised what a true monster her son had really become.

Thankfully Shona eventually escaped Clayton by stabbing him in self defence and running out of the abandoned building he had been holding her hostage inside, and she collapsed into David’s arms, in exactly the same way Kylie did after being stabbed by Clayton back in 2016.

Luckily for David and Shona this time the drama had a much happier ending, and we could be seeing a Weatherfield wedding on the cards.

Let’s hope this time the pair might finally get their happy ever after.

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