Soap star Sherrie reveals her suicide battle

Loose Women panellist Sherrie Hewson has revealed she’s considered committing suicide.

Sherrie, who found fame as an actress in Coronation Street in the 1990s, confessed to Gaby Roslin that at her lowest ebb she wanted to end it all.

“I asked if there was a time she thought she couldn’t carry on and she wanted to end it?” says Gaby, who interviewed Sherrie and her daughter Keeley for her new UKTV Home series Celebrity Fantasy Homes.

“Sherrie said: ‘I can’t believe I’ve never told Keeley this and I’ve never even told my therapist, but yeah.’ We just stood there stunned. Her daughter was in tears.”

The interview features on Celebrity Fantasy Homes on Friday, May 1 on Home. Twice-divorced Sherrie, 57, also discusses her troubled marriages, her relationships with toyboys and how her appearance on Plastic Surgery Live left her with low self-esteem.

Gaby continued: “Afterwards Sherrie said: ‘It’s like being in therapy with you – it’s incredible’. I said: ‘Would you like us to cut it out?’ And she said: ‘No, that’s me, that’s why I’m still fighting.'”

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