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The Spice Girls

In 1997 I loved the Spice Girls and my favourite spice was Ginger. They were confident, bolshy, attractive girls who sang great songs and promoted Girl Power.

The Spice Girls

However, at some point during the past ten years, or so, the original Spice Girls got obscured by Victoria Beckham’s pout.

OK, it wasn’t just Posh’s fault. Geri’s yo-yo-ing self confidence played a part, as did Mel B’s very public attempts to prove that ex-lover Eddie Murphy was the father of her child. 

What about Sporty Mel C and Baby Emma? Well, they’re actually the only two to have kept their dignity. Wannabe rock chick Mel has made it in that genre and Emma Bunton has also released some great solo singles. Emma’s actually my favourite of the five today.

Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton

Although tonight’s movie is famously bad, it does have potential as a good value slice of 90s nostalgia, and it’s also a whimsical reminder of what these girls were like before they grew up and lost touch with that once unassailable girl power.