Hermione Norris, who plays Spooks’ Ros Myers, gives us the inside scoop on the new series…

What can we expect from the new series?
“The writers have set a very high benchmark to keep it current and exciting. Last year, it was the Russian conspiracy, this year it’s about a group called Nightingale who are trying to bring about a nuclear war between Pakistan and India.”

Is it frightening to be involved in the action and stunts?
“You know what, I love all that stuff! As an actress Ros has been a complete gift. I love doing physical things – fighting, running away from explosions, practically being drowned – actresses don’t always get the chance to be that physical.”

Are we ever going to see a softer side to her?
“Certain events occur behind closed doors so you will get to see some of the consequences for her of what she has to do in her professional life. It’s really interesting playing a strong powerful woman with authority.”

Are there ever moments in your life where you think ‘what would Ros do?’
“Once these guys cut my husband up really badly in the car and I got out thinking ‘right’! But then you’ve to remember, it’s probably not a good idea. I’m not that strong, I haven’t got a gun and there’s no MI5 or police backup!”

What do you think real spies make of Spooks?
“I’m sure MI5 have a good laugh at us on a weekly basis! In reality there’s bound to be hundreds and hundreds of people involved in keeping our country safe – not a group of five people and certainly not one woman wielding a gun!”