Netflix cheat

How to spot your other half is ‘Netflix cheating’! (VIDEO)

Streaming TV has produced a new type of infidelity – romantic partners are deceitfully watching TV programmes in ever increasing numbers

New research* by Netflix suggests that almost half of couples who stream programmes like The Crown and Stranger Things have cheated on their partner, by watching episodes on the sly before their partner.

The rise of ‘Netflix cheating’ mirrors the rise of streaming  – it has increased by three times in the space of less than four years and the UK, in particular, is a nation of serial cheaters: 81% of cheaters have done it multiple times and  52% of Netflix viewers don’t think there’s anything wrong with it.

More than two-thirds of Brits say they would cheat more often if they could get away with it and we’re very confident about our infidelities – 18% say they cheat because they know they’ll get away with it.

Although the UK is among the worst offenders, other cheating nations include Brazil and Mexico (57-58%), while the most loyal are the Netherlands (73% have not cheated), Germany (65%) and Poland (60%).

Dramas like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black cause the most cheating, but the daddy of infidelity is Breaking Bad, responsible for one in five streaming affairs!

But you CAN catch out your cheating partner! Watch our guide to the sure signs (above)…

*The research by SurveyMonkey was based on 30,267 responses globally


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