Alex Jones has revealed her cleaning bill has soared since she signed up for Strictly Come Dancing – because of her regular spray tan sessions.

The One Show host, who is partnered with dance professional James Jordan, has upped her grooming game for the BBC One contest.

She wrote in the Radio Times: “My weekly cleaning bill has gone up by £7.50 due to the bright-orange fake tan stains on my sheets, my scalp is ridden with lumps of glue thanks to the Kate Bush-inspired hair extensions, and my flat is so strewn with dancewear that it looks as if it’s been ransacked by someone with a fetish for legwarmers.”

But Alex insisted: “I can honestly say they are the only downsides. Many a former contestant, including my One Show colleague Matt Baker, had warned me the Strictly ‘bug’ would get me, and it well and truly has! I’m gripped – which is just as well as the competition gets tougher.”

The presenter said the turning point for her on the show was when Italian diva Nancy Dell’Olio got the boot.

“It was after this that all of us contestants felt it was time to up our game,” she wrote.

“The following Monday, there was a real purpose in James’s eyes – he’d choreographed hundreds of steps into 90 seconds of music. Yes, in theory it would look impressive, but could I pull it off? I was huffing and puffing my way through the fastest dance on earth, and cursing when I went wrong as I’d have to summon the energy to begin all over again.”