Springer: “I didn’t want to be a talk show host”

Jerry Springer has apparently revealed he never really wanted to be a talk show host before he landed the job on his world famous show.

The 63-year-old, whose self-titled show has caused huge controversy and spawned a spin-off musical, told The Times: “These were jobs that were given to me and I don’t mind doing them but it’s not ever anything I pursued.

“I was assigned to do The Jerry Springer Show. ‘You’re going to host the show’. I did it. I never had any great desire to be a talk show host. It’s fun to do, it’s not a passion. I always say I never watch the show, but I realise people do,” he added.

And Jerry insisted that it’s not TV’s place to try and change people.

“How arrogant to believe that a one-hour television show can fix a person. I’m not advising them, I’m not qualified to do that. I’m a TV guy, a lawyer, I’m not a psychiatrist or a psychologist and I think it is wrong for television to pretend.”

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