Springwatch presenter says programmes like Planet Earth II are a ‘disaster’ for nature

Martin Hughes-Games has criticised Planet Earth II for lulling people into believing the natural world is not in peril

Springwatch presenter Martin Hughes-Games has launched a brave attack on the hugely popular Planet Earth II series, accusing it of actually contributing to the mass extinction of animals.

In an article in The Guardian, the wildlife expert said such programmes are a ‘disaster’, glamorising the dwindling natural world and ‘lulling’ viewers into the ‘lie’ that it is not under the severe threat that it is.

Even though Planet Earth II’s presenter Sir David Attenborough urged people to be more environmentally aware, Martin reckons this is not enough and programme-makers should pay a ‘conservation fee’ for the shows they produce.

Viewers themselves are divided on the subject…


While Martin praises the quality of the filming, valuable in itself as a record of the natural world we may not have in years to come, he says it’s important to balance ‘fantasy with reality’.

Sir David has said the popularity of Planet Earth II was largely due to it allowing people to reconnect with a planet whose beauty is blemished.


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