Stacey Solomon ‘friends with Olly Murs again’

Stacey Solomon has revealed that she has patched up her differences with former X Factor finalist Olly Murs after their friendship turned sour.

The pair became close during the filming of the show in 2009, so much so that Stacey described him as “my best friend in the world”.

However reports suggested that things cooled between the pair due to Stacey’s romance with Aaron Barham, who came to support her at every show on The X Factor live tour.

The singer turned TV presenter recalled that Olly had stopped speaking to her by the end of the tour.

“It probably wasn’t so much that Olly fancied me, more that we were everything to each other at the time. So I think he felt our friendship was threatened,” Stacey revealed.

But despite barely saying goodbye to each other after the concerts finished, the pair made up last summer when they bumped in to each other at a gig.

“It was brilliant because the moment we saw each other, all the bad feelings melted away and we were really good friends again,” Stacey said. “Neither of us brought up the past, we just didn’t think about it.”

However while the friendship may be back on track, Stacey – who has since gone on to win I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! insisted it was entirely platonic.

I didn’t have a crush on him – we were just really good friends. I think people wanted us to go out. The thing was, I didn’t fancy him,” she admitted.

“I absolutely loved him but I couldn’t imagine kissing him, even though he’s really gorgeous,” she said.

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