Stars line up for Darfur video

TV and film stars including Matt Damon, Sadie Frost, Fergie from Black Eyed Peas and South African icon Archbishop Desmond Tutu are appearing in a music video to support war-torn Darfur.

Pop single Living Darfur, written by rap group Mettafix, will feature messages from the celebrities about the conflict in Sudan, calling on the UN to halt the killing of innocent civilians in aid camps across the country.

“We need to put a spotlight on what’s happening in the camps right now,” said Bourne Ultimatum star Damon. “To make peace a possibility, governments should push for an immediate ceasefire and supply the peacekeepers they have talked about for months.

“Once these conditions are in place, we can finally talk about helping to rebuild the country and overcome the dreadful suffering and poverty in the region.”

The single is being released to coincide with a day of protest in London on September 16.

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