Stars reveal the delights of filming BBC3 murder mystery Tatau in the South Pacific (VIDEO)

Actor Joe Layton’s on a roll. Not only did he get paid to spend a couple of months on a tropical beach for new BBC Three drama series Tatau, but he also counts The Fall hunk Jamie Dornan as a drinking buddy.

Joe became friends with Jamie while they were filming historic Channel 4 drama New Worlds a couple of years ago and he says he might have to ask his mate for a role in the Fifty Shades of Grey sequel when they hit the town together this month…

“I’m going for a beer with him in a couple of weeks,” Joe told us. “Maybe I’ll slip the question then, but I don’t know – maybe, we’ll see. I’ll have to get him to put in a good word for me!”

Meanwhile, Joe is about to star in new eight-part series Tatau, playing Kyle, a backpacker who heads to the Cook Islands with his best friend Budgie (Crims star Theo Barklem-Biggs), looking for adventure, but ending up with more than he bargained for in the supernatural murder mystery.

The pair got on like two coconuts on a branch while filming, but Theo reveals that he accidentally sabotaged another actor while auditioning for the same role.

“The runner told me to go into the other room,” explains Theo. “So I went in thinking it was a waiting area and it happened to be a full blown casting where someone was reading for Budgie. He shook my hand afterwards, but I could tell he hated me!’

Tatau starts on BBC Three at 10pm on Sunday, April 12

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