Status Quo to feature on Antiques Roadshow Christmas special

Status Quo are the unlikely guests on the Antiques Roadshow Christmas special after a fan’s tapestry tribute to the vintage rockers was valued on the long-running show.

Colin Booth spent almost 20 years creating the tapestry after a motorcycle accident left him paralysed from the chest down and only able to sew with a needle between his teeth.

The work was left unfinished at his death, aged 39, and his mother Janet brought it into the show at Tredegar House in Newport, south Wales, last month.

She left expert Marc Allum in tears as she explained how her ‘Status Quo-mad’ son sewed the titles of the band’s hits and its many members on the giant work, saying: “He would say ‘thread me a few needles’ and he used his teeth to push this through the tapestry and he would turn the whole frame over, it was on a swing, and pull it through with his teeth.”

The show’s bosses brought the band’s frontmen Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi in to meet Janet with Francis saying he was ‘amazed and stunned’ by Colin’s dedication.

The guitarist said: “It’s just such a shock to see something like that at all, a kind of discography, but from a guy that was incapacitated. And, to have that much tenacity to follow it through. I’ve never heard of anything like it.”

The band, whose hits include Rockin’ All Over The World, Down Down and Pictures Of Matchstick Men, recently recorded an acoustic album and hit the headlines when it was announced Rick would miss his first gig since 1967 when he was told to rest by medics following surgery to correct a problem with his previous heart bypass.

They will feature on the festive episode of Antiques Roadshow on December 21 at 8pm on BBC One.