Stephen Fry insists he’ll only keep on Twittering as long as he’s enjoying it.

The comedian recently caused a fuss by saying he might quit the social-networking site.

“The point about Twitter for me is it was supposed to be fun and if it stops being fun then one will stop doing it – why would one do something that isn’t fun?” he pondered.

Stephen added he hadn’t read any of the newspaper stories who’d written about his Twitter controversy.

“Fortunately, I never read newspapers, I haven’t read a newspaper for 12 years, literally I do not read them,” he said. “Most people who know me know that so they don’t tell me if there’s a story going on that involves me, so I never know if someone’s writing about me, which is such a pleasure.”

He went on: “With Twitter, when you get towards a million followers and especially if you’re like me – I’m subject to moods – if I’m in a dodgy mood I will get terribly upset.

“The point is I had to have a period of not looking at anybody else’s tweets. I will still tweet for myself but for a period I won’t look at anyone else’s as I don’t need that extra hassle.”