Stephen Fry to play Lily Allen’s dad

Stephen Fry is set to star in a spoof version of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice – as Lily Allen’s dad.

The presenter and actor, 50, has known the Smile singer since she was a child and has confirmed he will play the father to Lily’s role.

“Yes (that’s) sort of true yes. I’m not actually playing Lily Allen’s dad, Lily Allen’s dad you may or may not know needs no one to play him – Keith Allen who is a long time friend of mine, so I’ve know Lily Allen since she was like a tiny little girl,” he chuckled.

“The fictional character I play is the father of the fictional character she plays – but I Stephen Fry am not playing Lily Allen’s father as that would be silly.”

Stephen also insisted that this version was going to be different from the normal Austen remake – and put his full support behind the singer.

“It is Pride and Prejudice and you may think there have been so many Jane Austen films in the last few years and that there isn’t room for one more, then this is the film for which there isn’t room and that’s it’s real point,” he said.

“It is a mockumentary kind of thing, it’s good fun. I think she’ll be splendid – if she’s inherited anything from her father she’ll be wonderful.”

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