Stephen Merchant turns US dating disasters into Sky sitcom

Stephen Merchant has said he experienced a ‘constant stream’ of mishaps while dating in LA.

The British star, 38, has turned his dating disasters into screen fodder in Hello Ladies, his US sitcom in which he plays a British web designer who has relocated to LA.

Stephen said dating in Hollywood was far from easy.

“There are too many attractive people and too many people who are smarter, wealthier and more famous and more successful and powerful than you are.” he said.

“Everyone’s always looking over everyone else’s shoulder – and it’s very hard for women to look over my shoulder, but they manage it.”

The Office star added: “In LA you can never tell someone you like them because they’ll use that against you.

“If you imply that you’d like to see them again on another date? No, they’ll run a mile.

“No one wants to pin their colours to the mast because they want to leave their options open in case there’s someone better the next day.”

Hello Ladies starts on Sky Atlantic tonight (October 16) at 10pm.


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