Steve Jones: victim of attempted car-jack

Steve Jones has revealed he was the victim of an attempted car-jack while filming a new gameshow in Argentina.

The 33-year-old Welsh TV presenter was ambushed in the capital Buenos Aires but escaped with a dented car after the attacker failed to smash the windscreen.

Steve brushed off the incident saying: “These things happen, it wasn’t the end of the world.”

He said the production team on BBC One’s 101 Ways To Leave A Gameshow ‘triumphed over adversity’ to complete the show despite setbacks including the volcanic ash cloud and the car-jacking.

Steve and his make-up artist had been on his way to the site in Buenos Aires where the show, made by Endemol – the company behind Big Brother and Total Wipeout – was filmed.

The T4 star said: “Somebody tried to murder us which was a bit of an inconvenience. We were on our way to the site one morning, at about six o’clock, and this guy ran out in front of our car.

“Our driver hit the brakes because he obviously didn’t want to hit this guy, so he slowed down, and while the car slowed down this guy’s friend ran out of nowhere and tried to throw a brick through our windscreen.

“Luckily he was a complete idiot and missed the windscreen and hit the side of the car… and the driver put his foot down and he turned around to us and he was like, ‘ooh, sorry about that!’.”

Steve presents the new gameshow in which losing contestants are flung from a 100ft tall tower in a variety of different ways.

101 Ways To Leave A Gameshow begins on BBC One on July 10.

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