Stevie and Smithy clash over a case…

DS Stevie Moss finds her life in danger in The Bill on August 6 (ITV1, 9pm) when she goes beyond the call of duty to help a suspect, which brings her into conflict with her best friend and boss, Sergeant Dale Smith. Lucy Speed, who plays Stevie, tells us more…

There’s a fight at a pub between a man called Joel Fuller and another punter. How does your character Stevie get involved in the case?

“She’s convinced there’s more to it than just the pub brawl and is very worried about the welfare of Joel Fuller. But Smithy starts to become concerned that she’s policing with her heart rather than her head. I think this episode shows how certain cases sometimes become personal to the police officer involved.”

When Stevie talks to Joel’s wife, Lucy [played by ex-Bad Girls star Danielle Brent] she discovers that Lucy has been having an affair with her boss, Dave, and Joel has discovered the truth?

“Yes. The police realise that Joel has a gun and is on his way to Dave’s house to shoot him. So Stevie’s determined to stop Joel. She can be pretty gung-ho and tends to just charge in, not expecting to get hurt. But Smithy is really worried that Stevie’s placing herself in a dangerous situation, so they definitely clash over this case and there’s plenty of tension between them.”

The Bill got a High Definition makeover last month and moved to a new later 9pm timeslot. What do you think of the new look?

“Everyone from the cast to the writers, producers and directors are really proud of what we’ve achieved. There are some great stories coming up, so I’m looking forward to seeing Stevie get heavily involved with all the action, and of course spend a lot of time arguing with her work colleagues!”

See the action unfold in The Bill on August 6 at 9pm on ITV1.