Strange quirks of Hamster’s crash

Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond has developed a curious addiction to ‘pizza and celery’ since his near-fatal car crash in September last year.

Speaking after it was revealed that a nail in the tyre was the likely cause of his accident, Richard, 37, said that brain injuries have left him with a range of unexpected side effects.

“Before the crash, Richard hated celery and pizza with venom,” says his wife, Mindy. “Now he can’t get enough of the stuff.”

But the TV host has suffered more serious problems, too, including mood swings, memory loss and an inability to judge temperatures.

“My body thermostat is on the blink,” he told the Mirror. “I can be freezing cold while Mindy’s walking around in a T-shirt. And I can hand plates to people who yelp in pain because they’re scorching hot. Mindy has banned me from running baths for our daughters in case I put them in it and they hiss!”

“One of the problems that affects people who hurt their brain is anger management,’ he went on. ‘I have to keep myself in check.”

“Because there are no physical marks on me, people assume I’ve fully recovered. But that won’t be the case for at least another year. I feel like getting a T-shirt printed that says ‘I’m alright’ on the front to help all the people who ask how I am. But I’d like to put ‘I’m still poorly’ on the back for those who forget I’ve got a long way to go.”

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