Strictly Come Dancing contestant Andrew Castle says his wife isn’t jealous of his sexy partner, Ola Jordan.

The 44-year-old GMTV presenter said he loves his wife Sophia and they are ‘past that age’.

In an interview with New! magazine, Castle said it wasn’t hard to concentrate when his Polish-born dancing partner wore skimpy outfits, as she was his boss.

He said: “If she was my age, perhaps it wouldn’t be so suitable, but Ola’s a beautiful girl and she knows how to move. She’s one of the most athletic and supple creatures in the world.”

Asked how his wife felt, Castle said: “Sophia and I have never been jealous of one another. That would be just silly. We’re past that age now and I love Sophia, thanks very much!”

The father of two said his dance partner’s husband, James Jordan, who is another dancer on the show, had also become his friend.

Telling how he had previously not been on a dancefloor since his wedding day in 1991, Castle said of his decision to participate: “I just thought: ‘Oh to hell with it. I’m too old and ugly not to!'”

He said he was egged on by his GMTV colleagues and former Strictly Come Dancing competitors, Fiona Phillips and Kate Garraway.