Len Goodman is considering leaving Strictly Come Dancing in favour of the US version of the TV show, while host Bruce Forsyth denies he’s quitting.

Len, 64, is currently flying between London and Los Angeles every week to work on both Strictly and Dancing With The Stars, and it seems the long and frequent journeys are taking their toll.

“The jet lag takes it toll,” he told News of the World. “I wasn’t going to do it this year – the flying backwards and forwards – but I got talked into it again. But this will probably be the last time. I’ll have to make the decision, if they ask me, whether to do the British show or American show.

“My heart wants to do the British show, but my head, the money, makes me want to do the American one.”

The Sunday tabloid claimed Len received 90,000 pounds from the BBC for Strictly after a 30,000-pound pay rise, but he gets 250,000 pounds for Dancing With The Stars.

Meanwhile, the BBC has denied that Strictly host Bruce Forsyth, 81, is walking out. It had been claimed in newspaper reports that the presenter was planning to leave with ‘dignity’.

But the BBC said: ‘It is not true Bruce has not quit Strictly Come Dancing. We adore him and love having him as an integral part of the show.”

Brucie’s manager Ian Wilson added: “The story is not true and it is being put in the hands of our solicitors [on Monday] morning.”