Strictly Come Dancing: It’s over for Don!

Actor Don Warrington has become the latest celebrity to get the boot from Strictly Come Dancing 2008 after losing out to Heather Small in the dance-off.

The veteran actor found himself in the bottom two for the second time after failing to impress the judges with his American Smooth on Saturday night’s show.

The judges acknowledged that both couples had improved when it came to the dance-off – but ultimately the vote was unanimous.

“I have to say the improvement in both couples was spectacular but the couple for me who had the edge was Heather and Brian,” Craig said.

“I think you both came back and did a great job considering the circumstances,” added Bruno. “It was a very close call for me but by a whisker I go with Heather and Brian”.

Afterwards Don said his biggest regret would be leaving behind his dance partner Lilia Kopylova.

“She’s wonderful, and if I’m sad for anything it’s that I won’t be able to dance with her,” he told hosts Bruce and Tess.