BBC bosses have lined up another epic Strictly Come Dancing to go head to head with The X Factor, according to the latest schedules.

The October 10 edition of the series will see the 13 remaining couples perform in a two hour ten minute show beginning at 7.05pm.

ITV has yet to reveal whether it will once again clash with The X Factor but the Strictly scheduled for next Saturday, October 3, will also run for nearly two and a quarter hours.

As The X Factor is due to begin at 8pm next weekend, the two shows will overlap once again.

Last weekend The X Factor won the ratings battle, drawing in nearly two million more viewers than Strictly.

PR guru Max Clifford – who represents Simon Cowell – said he thought it was a “great shame” that the two shows were clashing all the time.

“They are two of the most popular programmes, and personally I think it’s a great shame they’re up against each other.

“I think Simon Cowell feels exactly the same way, that it would be much better for everybody if they were kept separate, for the pleasure it gives everyone who likes to watch both shows.

He went on to suggest that the viewing figures might have been affected by the BBC’s decision to replace judge Arlene Phillips with former series winner Alesha Dixon.

“The X Factor won the ratings battle last Saturday,” he said, “and I think one of the factors is that Arlene Phillips was dropped by the BBC. A lot of the people I know are angry and upset about that. An awful lot of people seem to be unhappy about the BBC’s decision.”