Strictly: Tricky Dick hoping for granny vote

Former Coronation Street star Brian Capron says he is hoping to get the granny vote in this year’s Strictly Come Dancing.

“A lot of my fan base are grannies,” he says.

“Simon Gregson, who plays Steve McDonald on Corrie, got a photograph of me and stuck it on the Coronation Street board and underneath it he wrote Granny’s Crumpet!

“I was once involved in a situation at a big charity ball. I came down this staircase, and there were about 15 or 20 older ladies who just went, ‘There he is!’, and started running towards me! I had to run the other way!”

So will all the pensioners be getting their mobiles out to vote for Brian?

“We hope so,” he says with a grin. “And everybody else!”

The 60-year-old adds that he is finding the physical side of the show the most challenging.

“From a fitness point of view it’s been the biggest challenge,” Brian adds.

“I’m the only person I know who has never been to a gym in their life.

“During training you’re sweating and you’re breathless and you want to stop because you can’t do any more, and also your feet and your legs ache so much at night. I wish I hadn’t given away that footbath I used to have!”

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