Abbey Clancy said she is scared to the point of being ‘hysterical’ that one of her dances will go wrong on this weekend’s semi-final for Strictly Come Dancing.

Each of the remaining couples will perform a pair of dances in order to win through to the climax of the show next week.

But model Abbey – who dances with flu-hit Aljaz Skorjanec – said she is ‘petrified’ of having to handle a difficult samba for one of her routines.

She said: “I really started to panic when I realised that no matter what I do, it’s going to look awful. I can’t believe we’ve got this dance in the semi-final. Everyone else is so good, I can’t believe it.

“I care that much that I’ve gone past the point of being terrified that I’m hysterical.”

Abbey is the only contestant to have scored a perfect 40 mark from the judges for her salsa, but is struggling with her latest Latin dance.

“There’s so many things to think about – the bounce, straight legs, the hips and then the weird timing. I’m panicking and I just want to be able to do it. I want to be in the final, I love this and I don’t want it to end. I don’t know what I’m going to do, I’ll have to sleep in the training room.

“I was absolutely petrified of having this dance. To have it in the semi-finals I was thinking ‘how could this happen?’

She’s feeling more confident about her second dance, an American Smooth, however.

“I feel back in my comfort zone. I feel more comfortable doing swooshy dances. I definitely prefer the ballroom dances,” she said.

She’s dreading the end of the series. “It’s a fabulous experience so it is sad that it’ll come to an end. It’s completely taken over my life and it means so much to me that I’ve got a new friend in Aljaz. I’ve loved every second and laughs. It’s not a case of winning, I just don’t want it to end.”