Strictly’s Brendan corners a handbag thief

Strictly Come Dancing star Brendan Cole has described how he stepped in to make a citizen’s arrest after spotting an attempted handbag theft in London.

The professional dance star followed and detained a man at a Tube station after he targeted a woman’s bag on a busy staircase.

Brendan, who begins rehearsing for a new series of BBC1’s Strictly on Monday, gave police a statement after the man’s arrest at Baker Street underground station on Thursday night.

The 36-year-old dancer said: “I was walking in a busy tube station and it felt like something wasn’t quite right and sure enough I noticed there was a guy who was trying to get into a handbag, under his rucksack.

“I turned round and stopped to make a fuss and after I checked the girl was all right, I stuck with the guy.”

He kept the man occupied until he attracted the attention of a policeman who came to the scene. Brendan gave a witness statement to officers.

“I just stuck with him until the policeman came to make sure he didn’t leave. There was no argy bargy or anything.”

“It was an interesting situation – everything happened really fast. I’ve been pickpocketed myself where kids stole my mobile phone.

“I’m just really glad I saw it – some poor girl’s day was about to be ruined,” said Brendan.

British Transport Police (BTP) said a 41-year-old had been charged with attempted theft and possession of Class B drugs.

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