Brendan Cole has blasted John Sergeant for quitting Strictly Come Dancing, branding him ‘selfish’ for letting down his partner Kristina Rihanoff.

The Kiwi dancer said that Kristina has been left ‘high and dry’ and was very upset about John’s decision.

Brendan said: “I believe he was very selfish to do it. I don’t know how you can work in a situation like that for 15 weeks, with someone so close like Kristina, who is not on her own turf, and do that.

“That to me is not a giving act. It’s certainly not Christmassy is it?”

Brendan, who partners Lisa Snowdon in the competition, also said that Kristina had got the ‘short straw’ on Strictly when partnered with John. He said: “I know what it was like last year having to leave without being voted out, when Kelly’s (Brook) father passed away. That was for a legitimate reason, that’s fair enough, but it’s still very upsetting to not be there each week.

“Kristina has worked very hard, she got the short straw with John and then three-quarters of the way through it’s all over.”

The judges have saved Brendan and Lisa for the last two weeks, after they landed in the bottom two.

But Brendan thinks the Strictly judges haven’t given them enough credit. He said: “I think she’s one of the front-runners in terms of ability, but you can’t make people vote for you.

“I don’t think we’ll get a 10 this week. We’ll never get a 10.”

Brendan was speaking at the Hard Rock Cafe where he turned on the Christmas lights for the children’s cancer charity Fight For Life.