Former Bond girl turned property guru Fiona Fullerton tells TV Times magazine that though she loves being on BBC One’s Strictly Come Dancing, she’ll be happy to walk away from showbiz when it’s all over…

How does it feel to be taking part in Strictly Come Dancing?

“I’m a bit fuzzy! I’ve been whirling around the dance floor all morning so I’m getting very hot.”

What’s the experience on Strictly been like so far?

“It very much reminds me of my previous life as an actress, going back to being dressed up in glittery dresses and having my hair done again!”

Do you have any dance experience?

“I stopped doing ballet when I was 12, so I haven’t danced for 44 years.”

We’re chatting to you just before you’re about to dance the waltz with partner Anton du Beke…

“Anton’s the king of the waltz so I’m being taught by the master, which is pretty awesome! He’s fantastically patient because it takes me a long time to get the steps in the right sequence.”

What is the training schedule like for you?

“I live in the countryside in Gloucestershire and we train in a studio 20 minutes drive from my home. It’s in a very rural location and the lady who runs the farm has geese, goats and ducks. I love all that because I’m a country girl, but Anton’s like ‘Oh my God, there’s mud and it smells!'”

Do you think you and Anton could win this year?

“Winning has never even entered my radar. When you get to my age, you want to embrace everything that life throws at you. I’m in this for the experience and the adventure, just to have a wonderful time and champion older women. If I stay in for six weeks or whatever, I’d be more than thrilled. I’m under no illusions here.”

What did you think when you were offered the chance to take part in the show?

“My initial reaction was ‘No, I can’t do it!’ I’ve been so low-key for so many years and life is very different now. But my daughter persuaded me to do it and I’m loving every second!”

How does it feel facing the judges each week?

“So far no one’s really said anything beastly to me. It’s light entertainment, you can’t take it too seriously.”

You recently revealed that you had a crush on Len, too!

“Well, he’s got those twinkly eyes. I’ve had a big crush on him for 10 years and now the cat is out of the bag, I’m really embarrassed! They drew attention to it on the show and Len gave that cheeky grin, I just wanted to die. I really shouldn’t have mentioned it, but there we are!”

What are your plans for life after Strictly?

“I’m not anticipating staying in the limelight at all. Life will go back to normal. I’m about to start writing another book and I’m working on several building projects at the moment. We’re also moving into a big house in Cheltenham that needs a lot of work so I’ll be project managing that. If somebody asked me to do something connected to my normal career that would be interesting, but not showbiz.”