Len Goodman worries that people assume he and fellow Strictly Come Dancing judge Bruno Tonioli are partners off screen.

Len who, along with Bruno, splits his time between the BBC1 UK dancing show and its US equivalent Dancing With The Stars, reveals that the pair are neighbours in LA, and even share domestic chores.

He said: “When I live in LA, I’m in the same block as Bruno. And although we have separate apartments, we are a bit like the odd couple. He’s a marvellous cook but he can’t iron. So I do his shirts and he’ll do the cooking.”

Despite his new-found fame and fortune – recent estimates put judges’ earnings at close to £100,000 per series – Len says he hasn’t started throwing his money and weight around.

“I think it’s because of my age. I have no feeling of being a celebrity at all. I’m just Len Goodman: a dance teacher from Dartford who got lucky.

“The paparazzi recently took a picture of me taking my wheelie bin out because I missed the bin men. That’s the most scandalous picture you’ll see of me.”

Len, who has just had his autobiography Better Late Than Never published, does reluctantly admit that his fame has come with one very minor problem.

“People now all want me to come and get up and do dance, and I hate that. I hate all that showy-offy thing. My performing days were 30 years ago.”

Strictly Come Dancing returns to BBC1 for its sixth series on Saturday night.