Graham Norton steps in for a cheeky shimmy with guest Pamela Stephenson on his chat show this week.

Move over James Jordan. The presenter gets the Strictly contestant to teach him some moves and is soon whisking her around the stage.

Pamela, wife of comedian and actor Billy Connolly, revealed to Graham she thinks herself a ‘fake celebrity’ among the line-up competing on the show.

Talking about why she took part in Strictly Come Dancing she said: “I couldn’t think of a good reason not to take part. My day job has had lots of darkness over the years and it’s good to go off and have some fun. I’m just there to have fun. My husband even fancies me more since I lost weight on the show.”

Lord Sugar, also a guest on the show, reveals he watches Strictly and reveals his wife has Pamela tipped to win, before confronting her on her career as a psychotherapist.

Revealing he’s no fan of psychotherapy, Alan attacks Pamela and her profession asking: “Tell me, what’s the difference between psychiatry and psychotherapy? Did you buy the qualification at Sears?”